Woman, a female, a lady, always says like this: ” It is difficult to choose a gift for woman!” In fact, it is easy to choose a gift for woman. They can be very easy to be pleased. Here we have some unique recommendation.

1. DIY photo book – Unforgettable and any special occasion between you two are beautiful memories.  Choose such photos, DIY or print them into book album, tell your story to show your love.


2. Bone china tea cup – A cup as a gift has a beautiful meaning in China, that is “A cup,  a lifetime. ” A bright and lovely future for both of  you.


3. Relaxed trip –  At present, most woman are office lady who have heavy pressure from both office and home. So a relax trip is necessary to her. You can choose a beautiful destination which is her greatest attractions, or revisit some places which have special memories between you two.  Also don’t forget to take photos and keep them correctly. You will have one more gift choice with such photos. 🙂


4. Commission a hand painted oil canvas painting from your photo – Yes, this is your one more gift choice. Just choose some photos, let us turn it into perfect hand paintings. It will be great and surprise your lady at that special moment.



Anyway, just follow your heart, pay more attention to your lady, such small details in your life, and make them mixed with your ideas, you will always have great gift for her.

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