Let’s turn your photo into hand painted canvas art

Hand-painted Oil Painting, Why Are You So Expensive?


Why do we have to paint paintings when we have cameras? Hand-painted oil paintings have its attractive elements. Each painting is a great and unique artworks for both the artist and its owner. The Beauty Color in Oil Paintings If you like hand-painted oil painting, believe that the most [...]

Hand-painted Oil Painting, Why Are You So Expensive?2021-11-01T19:16:06+08:00

Do Not Miss the Spring of Famous Paintings


If winter comes, will spring be far behind? The English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley thought so. That is also what we all thought last winter.But Shelley was wrong,Winter is here, but spring is far away.We can survive the winter,But not the darkest night before the Dawn.The spring of 2020, is the kite that the [...]

Do Not Miss the Spring of Famous Paintings2021-11-01T19:28:33+08:00

The Pink Dress – Frédéric Bazille


Frédéric Bazille was born in a wealthy family of Montpelier. His family gave financial support to some of the early impressionist artists in France. Bazille entered Gleyre’s art studio in 1862, and he always has gone with them to paint directly in the open air. There were some famous masterpiece painting created. “ The Pink Dress [...]

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Girl with a pearl earring – Photo to hand paintings


This famous oil canvas painting masterpiece" Girl with a pearl earring " was made into a famous and quiet movie. In the movie,  Scarlett Johanson play the role of the girl wears a pear earring. Our talented artist painted this Scarlett version portrait from photo to handmade canvas oil painting.     If [...]

Girl with a pearl earring – Photo to hand paintings2021-11-01T19:40:44+08:00

Weekly Painting – Panda


I am rather like a bear, but I am not a bear; I am called cat, but I am not a cat; I come from China; I have black and white body; I eat bamboo all day; I often lay in the grass and think about the meaning of life.... I am 熊猫, also called panda bear, giant bear. I am the lead [...]

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4 Unique birthday gift ideas for woman


Woman, a female, a lady, always says like this: " It is difficult to choose a gift for woman!" In fact, it is easy to choose a gift for woman. They can be very easy to be pleased. Here we have some unique recommendation. 1. DIY photo book - Unforgettable and any special occasion between you [...]

4 Unique birthday gift ideas for woman2021-11-01T21:28:00+08:00
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