Photo and Ordering

What kind of photo should i choose to send you for a painting?

Generally, a photo with high resolution will helpful to a high quality hand painted oil painting commission. You are welcome to choose any kind of picture for a painting.

Can i ask to change my photo background?

Yes, sure, the artist can make background from complicated to pure color or other kind of change of background according to your requirements.

Can you combine different photos to start paintings?

Yes, you can send different photo, then we combine them into one painting.

What should i do if my photo is an old one , only black and white, without other colors?

Never mind, you can send the photo together with your detail color scheme, we paint the painting by following your instruction.

Where should i send my photos?

Please send your photo to or just upload your photo via the form on the site.

You only accept custom order from photo? Can you do any masterpiece reproduction or others from pictures?

No. We not only accept custom order from photo, also accept other kind of painting order, like masterpiece reproduction or painting from any pictures.

Can i ask for any update for my finished painting?

Yes, sure, any kind of update on your paintings are welcome. Our artist offer unlimited revision till meet your satisfaction.

Price and Payment

What’s the price of my painting from photo?

Each photo have different composition. Also your style, size and other detail requirements will influence the final cost of your painting.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

You are welcome to use Paypal, Western Union or Money Gram to do the payment. For Paypal payment,  you will be asked to pay extra 5% of total cost as bank transaction fee. There’s no extra fee for Western Union and Money Gram.

What’s your detail payment account information?

You will get our payment account information after the confirmation or your order. It will not be put on website just for safety.

Can I get my money back if i couldn’t be satisfied with the paintings?

Sure. If you are not satisfied with your paintings after receive them or if paintings were damaged during delivery. You can ask us to return your money or send email to to ask for a new one. Generally, you will firstly receive finished painting photo before delivery. Any update is acceptable till meet your satisfaction.

Shipping and Package

How my paintings would be packaged?

All of your paintings will be rolled to deliver by putting them into a hard tube, then other protecting material outside like bubble pack and so on. Plastic sheet will be put on the top of each painting in order to protect the paintings.

Do you offer stretched bar or frames?

At present, we don’t offer any stretched bar and frame just because that you will be pay much expensive delivery cost for international delivery. Also it will be easily to be destroyed during the delivery.

What kind of post or air express company will you use for my paintings? How long could i get my paintings?

Your paintings will be posted by air express company like FedEx, TNT and so on. Generally you will get your painting package within 4-7 days.

Which country do you ship and what’s the delivery cost to my place?

Worldwide delivery is available here.  Final delivery cost will depend on the final weight of your painting package. Different size and quantity will have different delivery cost. You will get final delivery cost after the confirmation of your final orders.

General Questions

What kind of paintings can i order from you?

You are welcome to commission oil painting, or water color from us. Painting copy or painting from photo, like oil portrait, landscape painting, modern oil painting and so on. Any kind of painting are available. Here you also can find some original artwork from our artist, all of them can be buy directly or custom size.

What’s the painting style do you offer?

Realism, impressionism, modern ; oil painting, water color….

Does your paintings hand painted or print by machine?

All of our paintings are 100% hand painted on canvas, without any print. We can offer you photos of painting process.

What painting size do  you offer? Can I order a special size?

You can order any standard size, like 16 by 20 inches, 20 by 24 inches, 24  by 36 inches, 30 by 30 inches, 30 by 40 inches and so on. Also you can custom any special size just according to your needs.

Do you have any minimum order requirements?

No, we don’t have any minimum order requirements for custom oil paintings. One piece or more pieces are also welcome.


Will you send my information to any others?

Certainly not, any of your information will not be disclosed to any others. All of your information are just for painting package delivery.

Will you post my painting photos on your website or other site for any advertisement use?

All of your paintings photos will not put on our site or other site without your permition.