panda bear painting

Weekly Painting – Panda

I am rather like a bear, but I am not a bear;

I am called cat, but I am not a cat;

I come from China;

I have black and white body;

I eat bamboo all day;

I often lay in the grass and think about the meaning of life….

I am 熊猫, also called panda bear, giant bear.

I am the lead role in film, the most popular in the zoo, also in the paintings, whatever Chinese painting on rice paper, or modern oil painting on canvas. I am in today’s cute panda bear painting.

We painted a panda bear on canvas which originated from a piece of Chinese panda painting on paper. The talented artist made the recreation perfectly. The color became vivid. Lovely panda on the tree with peaceful moon light. The oil canvas painting totally have different expression with the Chinese painting, in its unique western style. To do such Chinese style painting with oil paint or acrylic on canvas or just turn Chinese nature picture to canvas painting always make people have deeply impression.

The Original Chinese Panda Painting On Paper

chinese painting on paper

The Recreation Of Panda Oil Painting On Canvas

panda bear painting

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