Everyone has different preferences when it comes to painting, so would it be more interesting to look at it from the following view? Which one looks more like you when you’re painting?

Great Aries

Aries is like a child who will never grow up, they are always full of enthusiasm and energy. What to draw today? The theme finalized, and they’re already on a roll!

Sincerity in Taurus

The Taurus is the most pragmatic of the twelve signs, and he is the most active in all the preparations before classes. Carry the easel, hand over the material, take the lining of the canvas, set up the still life…. What you want to paint, what is really painted!

Schizophrenic Gemini

Gemini can never figure out what they are thinking. The teacher said that today’s assignment is two sets of still life, and everyone chooses one of two. That’s when you see a baby slinking around on the sides of a chair carrying a chair, one second trying to draw this set, the other thinking that set is just as good, and everyone else is already in the swing of things, and he’s still torn.

Gentle Cancer

Tender, tender-hearted, Cancerians are as close to their paintings as if they were sitting across from their beloved. The eyes are full of tenderness, and the brush in my hand seems to give birth to a flower, and every brush stroke on the canvas is a beautiful landscape.

Overbearing Leo

Sunshine, enthusiasm and generosity are the labels of Leo. In addition to these advantages, arrogance and love of face are also their characteristics. The lion enjoys the sense of achievement and attention that painting brings them. Come and pay your respects! I am the king of painting!

Perfectionist Virgo

Extreme cleanliness, paint rubbing on a little bit, can be anxious madness. Extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder, the pen must be neatly sharpened, the painting material should also be arranged in chronological order.

Extremely Narcissistic Libra

Don’t know where the self-confidence comes from.They always feel they are the best in terms of face and are equally confident in their paintings. I paint the best pictures in the world. All of you are hot chickens, don’t you agree? Bear with it.

Harsh Scorpio

The ventriloquist Scorpio has a killing spirit. In a minute you want to tear up and redrawing. This stroke is wrong? Tear! That one’s got a different color tone. Tear! Tear myself apart!

Free and Casual Sagittarius

Sagittarius adore freedom not far from receiving restraint. They don’t care what you want me to draw today. I can draw whatever I want! There aren’t so many rules and regulations, spontaneity is art!

The Serious and Disciplined Capricorn

Serious enough to scare yourself! Conscientiousness, is Capricorn’s motto; rigor, is Capricorn’s life creed. The painting is a pure obsession, and if you’re tempted by food, beauty or even dollars, he won’t take a step away from the easel until the work is as good as he wants it to be.


Aquarius don’t seem to live in the same world as us, they paint things that we can’t get our hands on. Well, Mars is more for you.

Sensitive Pisces

The baby Pisces seems to have a little sister in his heart, extremely sensitive and brain-opening. Criticisms and objections to others are often felt before the other person has even made them clear. “Gee, the teacher is standing behind me…why isn’t he talking; why is the teacher walking away…does he think my painting is too ugly and give up on me?” …. When I think about it, I can’t help but shed tears, my mind is full of stories.

You’re welcome to leave a comment and share what you like and what you do when you’re painting, and of course you’re welcome to share your great artworks with us!

So which one is you?