What is “Romance” ?

That is — share your feeling whatever is happy or angry, sad or joyous !

That is — such honeyed and sweet words just before roses, the moon in a lovely place !

That is — become older together with you.

That is – accompany you around the world.

Anyway, each one has his own understanding with romance. Here the following is the most romantic thing collected from internet.

  1. Walk hand in hand on The Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver


2. New Zealand – the summer garden


3. Have a great time in the infinitely large swimming pool

swimming pool

4. Try Rinspeed Splash in Switzerland


5. Come to the pocket islands in Mykonos, Greece

pocket islands

6. Playing on the swing by the sea

swing by the sea

7. Stay in the sea cottage with glass floor which can easily see the sea under it and hear the waves in Maldives

sea cottage

8. Playing on the swing under tree house in The Republic of Nicaragua

tree house

9. Watching from the water


10. Sea restaurant in Bora Bora


Although all above things are romantic, it is not a easy way to come all over the world for most people. There still have such small but romantic things in our daily life.

Like —

Know what you like

Cook delicious food for you

Everything is simple but sweet

Sometimes you may make some special surprise —

A piece of commissioned oil canvas painting just hand painted only for you.

Handpainted oil portrait painting gift for wedding
Send your photo for a commission painting.

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