Impressionist portrait painting from mixed photos

A email came to me specially with some different pictures. The client asked me to make a mixed portrait painting from all the two pictures which to add the lady in the right picture wears in dark to left picture to complete the final painting composition as below composition. Also he would like to make style change which from realism picture to another impressionist painting with heavy oil paint and clear brushstroke juzt like the style of painting in top right corner.

I got to know this painting is different to other painting from photo which only need to follow the color and background of original image. This is really a good idea to make unique painting just following the idea of client. See, the below painting photo is the one our artist finally finished.

The client was so happy and satisfied with the painting.

It is easy to get your unique portrait painting from photo. Just send us the photos together with your detail requirements, then all will be ready to you.

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