Yesterday’s internet was overwhelmed by the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which destroyed the greatest art treasures over 800 years.

This fire has not only burned the great architecture, but also the city soul of Paris, which is also an important part of the world art history. Rose window, organ have survived in the fire, and some rare and precious cultural relics such as the crown of thorns and the st. Louis robes are safe, unfortunately the classical oil paintings only saved a few successfully, quite a part are large oil paintings, which is difficult to get off, so the masterpiece oil paintings disappeared because of the fire. And it is also the unforgettable loss for all art lovers and the world art history.

Interior of Notre-Dame before yesterday's fire
Interior of Notre-Dame before yesterday’s fire

Beautiful large paintings

From 1630 to 1707, The “Mays” of Notre-Dame de Paris are large paintings that were commissioned almost every year. Of the 76 large paintings, 13 are on display in the Notre Dame DE Paris, where one of the cathedral’s most beautiful paintings hangs on the walls of the saint-guillaume partial altar.

The followings are the 13 pieces  which currently on display in Notre-Dame in the chapels of the nave:

  1. The Descent of the Holy Spirit by Jacques Blanchard – 1634
  2. Saint Pierre healing the sick of his shadow by Laurent de la Hyre – 1635
  3. The Conversion of St. Paul by Lawrence of the Hyre – 1637
  4. The Centenary Cornelius at the feet of St. Peter by Aubin Vouet – 1639
  5. The Preaching of St. Peter in Jerusalem by Charles Poerson – 1642
  6. The Crucifixion of St. Peter by Sebastien Bourdon – 1643
  7. The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew by Charles Le Brun – 1647
  8. Saint Paul blinds the false prophet Barjesu and converts the proconsul Sergius by Nicolas Loir – 1650
  9. The Saint Stephen’s stoning by Charles Le Brun – 1651
  10. The Flagellation of Saint Paul and Silas by Louis Testelin – 1655
  11. Saint André thrills with joy at the sight of his torture by Gabriel Blanchard – 1670
  12. The Prophet Agabus predicting to St. Paul his sufferings in Jerusalem by Louis Cheron – 1687
  13. The son of Sceva defeated by the demon by Matthew Elyas – 1702

Masterpiece Paintings of Famous Artists

Notre Dame is also a favorite source of many famous artists in world art history, such as the following masterpiece oil paintings.

  1. Alfred Sisley – Notre Dame De Moret – 1893 – Oil on canvas

2. Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927)- Notre Dame De Paris – Oil on canvas

Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927)_Notre_Dame_De_Paris_replica-oil_canvas_painting
Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927)_Notre_Dame_De_Paris_replica-oil_canvas_painting

3. Childe Hassam- Notre Dame Cathedral Paris- Oil on canvas

Childe Hassam_Notre_Dame_Cathedral_Paris_reproduction_oil_canvas_painting
Childe Hassam_Notre_Dame_Cathedral_Paris_reproduction_oil_canvas_painting

4. Khachatur Esayan – Notre Dame Cathedral – Paris – 1960 – Oil on cardboard

Khachatur Esayan - Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris - 1960
Khachatur Esayan – Notre Dame Cathedral – Paris – 1960

You and Notre Dame

If you are lucky enough to have been in Notre Dame and seen these artworks with your own eyes, then congratulations, these memories will be with you forever. So, you will be warmly welcomed to share with us:

  • 1. Notre Dame in your mind
  • 2. Your Notre Dame photos
  • 3. What you would like us to share more about the form of masterpeiece oil paintings or convert your photography works to make unique handmade oil paintings for you?


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