8 Ways of Hanging Oil Paintings – Make Your Wall Vivid

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How to Make Your Home More Vivid by Hanging Beautiful Oil Artworks?

Just received your commissioned oil paintings, isn’t it great? But do you know how to put them on your wall? Let me share with you some great ways of hanging oil painting which making your wall vivid.

Single Piece

Special works are presented in special places, whether they are large or small, whether they are large spaces or small rooms, just remember to place them in the center of the vision!

The Pearl On the Necklace

Think of the artworks as pearls on a taut necklace, no matter the size is same or not, but centered along the same straight line. You can arrange the artworks horizontally or vertically just depending on the size of the wall space.


To put multiple artworks of different sizes together, try aligning the top or bottom edges! If the ceiling is high enough, the paintings can be arranged vertically along the left or right edge, It will be better to make the equal space between the artworks and the artworks.


To create a truly eye-catching grid of images, use artworks of the same size and arrange them evenly in a chessboard-like shape. Framing or mounting the same picture will also add to the overall orderliness and harmony.


Place all the pieces inside a large rectangle or square, aligning the outer edges so that the multiple images fit together perfectly.

French Salon Style

A salon style “gallery wall” will make you feel relaxed. Start by finding an element that holds many pieces of art together. Then, align the edges of the different formats of artwork along the dotted lines, which can also be along two vertical lines. If the artwork is similar in frame or subject matter, you can leave the dotted lines out. Then, place the largest or most important artwork to the center and gradually arrange the picture outward.

Arbitrary Shape

For this kind of gallery wall, the pictures don’t need to be evenly spaced. And the edges don’t need to be aligned. They just need to be arranged in imaginary geometric shapes, like circles, rhombuses, ovals, etc!

No Hanging

Actually, it’s not necessary to hang all your favorite artworks on the wall. Just try to lean them against the wall! Also they can be placed on furniture. And you can move the artworks around as much as you like. If you want to place the artwork on the floor, the pattern of the artwork should be large. It will be guaranteed to attract attention. Artworks can also be placed on a shelf to make you have a more relaxed feel.

What a magical and easy way to give your room a new look. If you find that there still need some pretty nice hand-painted oil paintings, pls don’t hesitate to send your picture now!

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Hi, I'm Phoebe, the author of this post, and I have been in over 15 years in oil painting field. If you would like to make a commission photo painting, feel free to connect with me!

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