6 Unknown Tips for Your Perfect Gallery Wall 

A gallery wall is not just a decoration for your home. It’s a way of filling your living space with memories, emotions, and a sense of belonging. Here are some reasons why you should consider having a gallery wall in your home:

Your home is an extension of yourself, a place where you can express who you are. A gallery wall allows you to showcase your passions and unique personality through the art you choose.

Each piece of art tells a story, cherishing memories and emotions. By surrounding yourself with meaningful artwork, you can relive special moments with your friends and loved ones.

Matching wall colors and materials - Tips of a perfect gallery wall from DWOILART.COM

1. Less is more

When designing an oil painting gallery wall, it’s important to remember that less is more. Just like in life, we need to leave some empty space. If we put too much pressure on ourselves and push too hard, we can end up feeling uncomfortable. The same goes for creating the perfect oil painting gallery wall. Too many pieces can make the space feel cluttered and overwhelming. Instead, carefully select a small number of oil paintings to display. This will add a beautiful finishing touch to your room without overwhelming it.

Less is more - Tips for a gallery wall from DWOILART.COM

2. Use similar color scheme

When decorating a room, try to use a similar color scheme for the paintings on the wall and your furniture, as well as any other decorations in the room.Try to use the similar color scheme for paintings on the wall with your furniture and all related room decoration.

Similar color scheme with furniture - Tips for a perfect gallery wall from DWOILART.COM

3. Use miniature oil portrait paintings

Consider brightening up your walls by adding miniature oil portrait paintings. These custom portraits of your loved ones do not just only look good. They also bring warmth and happiness to the space with all those smiling faces. You can choose to hang them in a group. These little gems can make any space feel more welcoming and cheerful.

Mini face portrait paintings for perfect gallery wall - Tips from DWOILART.COM - Custom oil portrait paintings from photo directly from artists

4. Matching wall colors and materials

If your walls have light colors, you can select decorative paintings with bright colors and rich patterns to enhance the wall’s features. However, if the walls are dark colored, it’s better to choose relatively simple or soft decorative paintings to avoid creating a visual impact. Framed or unframed paintings are both suitable options, depending on your preferences. If the wall material is rough or uneven, it is better to use a frame to secure the decorative painting.

Matching wall colors and materials - Perfect gallery wall tips from DWOILART.COM

5. The Implact of lighting on paintings

Consider the impact of lighting on your commissioned paintings. Ensure that there is enough light or natural light to showcase it effectively. Avoid placing it in a dimly lit area or on a poorly lit wall where it cannot be fully appreciated. Good lighting not only enhances the appearance of the painting but also helps to maintain its colors and details, making it more enjoyable for viewers.

The effect of light on the painting - tips for perfect gallery wall from DWOILART

6. Creative template with suggested size

When selecting an oil painting to hang on your wall, it is crucial to ensure that the painting’s size and proportion are appropriate for the wall space. This will prevent the painting from appearing too crowded or leaving the wall looking empty. Additionally, if you plan to hang multiple paintings together, it is essential to pay attention to the theme and style of each painting. This will help you avoid creating a cluttered or messy appearance on the wall.

Creative template with suggested size - Tips for your gallery wall from DWOILART.COM

Let’s fill our homes with love, laughter, and the beauty of art. Together, let’s make every wall a masterpiece. Share your gallery wall creations and spread the joy of personalized home decor! Or asking help by uploading your pictures for free design by our experienced artists. By using customized oil painting to make your unique gallery wall.

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