Some of people always ask me a question, what style should i choose for my photo? To paint a realism painting or an impressionism painting? To know the difference between the two will help you to get the paintings which you acturally looking for.

You can easily see all exact details from realism painting. All of your photo details will be shown, it looks more like a real photo, in a way that is true to life.

You couldn’t be easily to find all exact details from impressionism painting which acturally concentrated on showing the effects of light on things. Generally you will obviously find such color block and brush strokes.

If you prefer such impression brings you by stroke of unmixed color, you may try your photo into impressionism painting. If not, just turn it into realism painting with oil.

So which painting style is your favorite one?

Send your picture, and let our artist to make it to realism painting or impressionism painting.

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