The Best Gift Idea for a Son and Daughter-In-Law’s Anniversary

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Hi, I'm Phoebe, the author of this post, and I have been in over 15 years in oil painting field. If you would like to make a commission photo painting, feel free to connect with me!

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What is the Meaning of an Anniversary Gift?

The American tradition of giving a gift to celebrate an anniversary is rooted in English and European customs from the Middle Ages. For hundreds of years, couples were given a piece of silverware or china for every year they had been married and everyone understood that anniversary gifts were traditionally for the “marriage partner.”

This tradition has changed over time but it still reflects the wish that marriage is as happy in its future as it has been in the past. It also shows how much love and care one takes with their spouse on even the littlest occasions.

What is a Good Anniversary Gift for My Son and Daughter-in-law?

The best anniversary gifts are those that are personal, like custom oil portrait paintings from your son and daughter-in-law’s picture. A great way to do this is to use a favorite picture of them and create a piece of the hand-painted portrait as an original and unique artwork for them. Both oil art and watercolor painting are great choices.

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What are the Key Points That Need to Consider When Choosing Custom-painted Portraits as an Anniversary Gift?

1. Choose suitable pictures for custom oil portrait painting

We were able to find some stunning pieces of pictures that are perfect for an anniversary portrait painting for your son and daughter-in-law. One such example is a stunning wedding photo or their favorite daily life photo. 

2. Find a professional and easily communicated artist

Fluent communication is the basis of all custom art projects. You can ask the artist to do the portrait painting with oil or watercolor paint directly by using the picture you chose. Just paint it as the picture is. You also can ask the artist to add some of your unique designs or ideas to make your final painting more unique characteristics.

Give Them a Custom Portrait Painting They’ll Never Forget!

There’s nothing like a custom portrait painting to commemorate a special anniversary. It’s a gift that your son and daughter-in-law will cherish for a lifetime. Send us a picture and we’ll give you a free price quote!


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