Project Description

To My Dear Dog | Dog Memorial Portraits

David shared with me of his dog’s story and asked for a piece of hand-painted dog memorial portraits. He told me:” 3:18 a.m. We lost our lovely dog. I have to face it bravely and say goodbye to him. I can still remember the first time I saw him. He found my wife first and won over her heart completely. It is such a joy watching my son pet him, play with him, and love him so happily. And also it reminds me of lots of simple joys that I cherished in my own childhood. The dog portrait is a great comfort to us. Thanks so much for painting this dog portrait. It is a great comfort to us.

The death of a beloved pet can be an espcially difficult loss. Thanksfully we have these opportunities and pleasure to do hand-painted pet loss memorial portraits for customer from all over the world. These paintings could bring them more memories and comfort.