Project Description

custom oil painting from photo as birthday gift by

Juli’s Painting  |  Best Birthday Gift

A special custom photo portrait painting ordered by a mom which would be a birthday surprise for her beloved daughter. It was shown on Juli’s birthday party. She totally surprised by this pretty gift. Juli’s mom also shared the detail story at the birthday party.

— ” Good Morning, Just let you know that I have put a link to Juli’s painting on my Facebook page. We framed the painting and had it at Juli’s birthday party. We made an excuse to get her away, while we got the painting in the house. Next, we pretended that it was a mirror my friend bought for Juli’s birthday and she had written something on it. We then blindfolded Juli, while the painting was revealed to the waiting crowd, you should have heard the oohs and aahs. We then removed the blindfold and Juli was overcome and speechless. She then hugged me and thanked me profusely and everyone applauded. Everyone who has been the painting is delighted with it. The painting will be taking pride of place in Juli’s house for the rest of her life. ” —