Make Your Black and White Photo Colorized by Oil Portrait Painting on Canvas

” I was amazed by the quality of this painting. I sent in a black and white photo and had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be an amazing painting that was worthy of framing. The oil painting features are so realistic and the artist caught so many details. A very big thank you to the team at DWOILART for the hard work in delivering this wonderful painting to me!”

Oil portrait painting on canvas is an old traditional but unique way to colorize black and white photos. Caroline asked for a hand portrait painting commission by sending us a black and white photo. Finally, we received the above happy words from her.

We often have photos that are black and white but our creativity doesn’t allow us to simply live with them. We always try one way or another to try to change the form of its existence. Photos are always not easy to keep and they fade easily when stored for a long time. So how about painting your black and white photo on canvas? Presenting your old black and white photos in the form of hand-painted oil paintings has many advantages. Here are the top three:

  • Compared to photos, a well-made oil painting will last for centuries and the painting color will not be easy to fade.
  • There will have more detail in all painting areas with rich texture.
  • You can make the photo a new life by painting it into colorized oil art.
color scheme for old photo to colorized painting portrait

Tips about how to make a black and white photo colorized by oil portrait painting on canvas.

It becomes more and more popular for people to make their black and white photos colorized by oil portrait painting. Would you like to have a try? The following are some tips about how to make a black and white photo colorized by oil portrait painting on canvas.

  1. Choose a perfect black and white photo, better with high resolution
  2. Upload or send your black and white photo together with your size and detailed color scheme requirements
  3. Better to send some reference pictures of colors so that the artist can better grasp your color needs and show them in the final painting
  4. Make sure the artist has totally understood what you would like the final painting looks like

To get started, upload your photo by clicking the following button ” Upload Pictures”. You will receive a free price quote within 24 hours. Let our professional and talented artist assist your painting trip.

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