How to choose commission painting for each different room?

Living Room

Abstract oil painting for living room – dwoilart – commission painting

Here the living room is where the paintings appeared most frequently. Size choices depend on the size of your living room. If you have a large size living room, then don’t hesitate to choose large size paintings; if you have a small size living room, then small size painting gallery wall is best choice. It can be a painting from your favorite landscape or seascape painting; it can be a painting from your favorite old master art reproductions; it can be a commissioned painting from your own photos. Whatever it’s original artworks or reproductions or painting from photos, enpensive or cheap, pls make sure to buy only what you love. It will be in your house or apartment for long time, and which makes your smile every time you look at it.


The bedroom is a place to relax. The best walls for painting in the bedroom are directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. Your first best choice is the portrait painting of your own or your wedding photo painting. I personally have my own portrait painting hanging in my bedroom too. Also large size can be chosen freely here. Hand- painted oil paintings with soft colors or making people feel relax and peace will be your another great choices.

Kids Room

Kids room with wall art – dwoilart – commission painting portrait

Bright color choice for this innocent, joyful space. Here it’s no need to choose large paintings. Cartoon figures, animals or plant paintings with small size will be ok. The way to hang paintings can be as free as possibles. Trying to create a relaxed, lively atmosphere. Also framed drawings from the kids is also a pretty nice choice. At this time, the children could have a chance to choose he/her favorite artwork and to make a decision of their own room. They are the master of the room. Believe that each child will be pleasure to join you.


Kitchedn deco painting ideas – dwoilart – commission painting vintages

Here is one of the most commonly forgotten space by most of us. Actually, a series of pretty nice hand-painted painting needs to be appeared in your kitchen. The most used room of the house surely need to be decoed by beautiful things to bring good moods to its hostess. After all, they spend most of the time in the kitchen to prepare delicious meals for the whole family. They do a lot. What, you just said your wife is the boss of the family? Lol, that definately right. So, be sure to help her to pick out some favorite paintings in the kitchen.

Dining Room

Dining room with large size flower paintings handpainted – dwoilart – commission painting

You can feel free to try large size wall art with bright colors or strong contrast color paintings, like flower paintings, abstract paintings, hand paintings like Henri Matisse style …. There is no doubt that bright colors can make people have a good appetite, and let people feel more comfortable.

Home Office or Reading Room

Oil portrait of celebrity - Warren Buffet
Home office room and reading room portrait painting choice – dwoilart – commission painting of celebrities

Oil Painting is a great way to personalize your space and keep you inspired. Landscape, abstract subject, or any of the portrait painting of owner’s idol, like Warren Buffet, celebrities…. Any kind of paintings which inspires you. Also less is more, do not use too much paintings in this space.


Bathroom wall decor painting ideas – dwoilart – commission painting

Fresh, casual, fashionable paintings is nice choices for this room, such as flowers, seascapes, figures, humorous subjects etc. The size should not be too large and do not hang too much. Over the bathtub, toilet, or over the towel hooks is nice place choice.

Stairs or Corridor

Waterlilies of Claude Monet for corridor – dwoilart – commission painting

Creating a oil painting gallery wall is your best choice for this area. Family portrait painting of each member, or flower painting wall, vintage artworks, oil paintings set or paintings of the same subject is appropriate. The painting size can adjusted just according to the size of this area.

Have you found it? Whatever portrait paintings or commission paintings, they are all great choices for any room with any style furniture and decoration. The only thing you need to do is changing the painting style and size of the painting.

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