Hand-painted Oil Painting, Why Are You So Expensive?

Why do we have to paint paintings when we have cameras? Hand-painted oil paintings have its attractive elements. Each painting is a great and unique artworks for both the artist and its owner.

The Beauty Color in Oil Paintings

If you like hand-painted oil painting, believe that the most attracted element is the colors of the painting. Most of the traditional paintings are the realistic painting with nice details. But this made the lack of space, atmosphere and subtle colors of paintings. Lot of famous artists paid attention to the painting color to make oil paintings an irreplaceable beauty of color.

The Ever-changing Brushstroke

The characteristic brushstrokes are like the artist’s unique DNA that makes their work unique. We can easily distinguish between Van Gogh, Monet and Seurat by the brushstrokes. Or detailed, or exuberant, the agility and rhythm in the brushstrokes give the stillness of the oil painting an infinite language.

The Beauty taste of Oil Paintings

What is the smell of oil painting? The smell of turpentine, the smell of oil paint, the smell of the wood frame, the smell of the art studio. In short, it’s a flavor that can be calming.

The Characteristic Texture of Oil Painting

Oil painting itself has a special texture that belongs to oil painting, which can only be imitated, not replaced. This sense of art conveyed by the texture of oil painting is the beauty of the unique texture of oil painting.

Oil Painting is a Painter’s Labor of Love

Painting in oil is a time-consuming and laborious task. It is this time-consuming and labor-intensive process that makes the paintings heavy and precious. A painting may take months, a year, years or even longer to paint, and the artist is always emotionally involved in the process. Looking at a painter’s work is like having a heart-to-heart talk with him. The painting itself also contains the painter’s heart and even soul.

The Oil Painting is in a Beautiful Mood

Why do oil painters like to sketch in scenic places? In oil paintings, there are not only beautiful scenery, but also the feelings and emotions of the painter himself. The dainty is even more dainty under the painter’s brush. The painter does not copy the scenery mechanically, but rather from life, higher than life, with his own years of sediment to cast beauty!

Oil Painting as a Vehicle for Art History

What do you think of when you think of culture, classical Renaissance paintings? Those masterpieces of the Impressionists? Or a classic work by a contemporary painter? An oil painting is a very important vehicle for the history of art, and a painting is also an integration of the culture of its time.

The Technique of Oil Painting is Vast and Profound

Oil painting is an art and a skill. Oil painting techniques include, frustration, patting, kneading, line, sweeping, stomping, pulling, rubbing, suppressing, building, scratching, dotting, scraping, painting, swinging and many other techniques. It is further divided into thin drawing, thick drawing and eclectic drawing. The painter has to understand the various techniques and find the ones he is good at, and then use them to play beautiful music on the canvas.

Oil Painting Demonstrates Class and Style

A good painting has a vibe of its own. Hanging in the room, the whole space has a very different atmosphere. Combined with the unique texture and scent of oil painting, it can elevate the mood of the entire space.

That’s why even though a painting is very expensive, there are still millions of people willing to pay for it. Cell phones and computers will be newer and newer in 5 years, and a car will only last 10 years or so. A painting, on the other hand, can be collected for a lifetime, bringing immeasurable spiritual comfort and enjoyment.

The value of an oil painting is the mark of a painter and his time, but it is also the mark of a painter’s thoughts and ideas about the world, the people, and the people in the course of his life. To go deeper, a good and expensive oil painting is an infusion of the mind and spirit of the painter’s life and soul. Every successful painting depicted by an artist is unique and distinctive, and has a certain or profound influence on the artistic heritage. Impact. That’s why it’s expensive!

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