Do Not Miss the Spring of Famous Paintings

If winter comes, will spring be far behind?
The English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley thought so.
That is also what we all thought last winter.
But Shelley was wrong,
Winter is here, but spring is far away.
We can survive the winter,
But not the darkest night before the Dawn.
The spring of 2020, is the kite that the line breaks,
You could see it, but you couldn’t touch it.
It’s the farthest you’ll ever be from spring.

Spring is the best season,
Everything is full of hope.
In 2020, you’re missing out on the best spring ever,
do not miss the most beautiful spring in the famous paintings.

1. Giverny in Springtime, Afternoon Effect — Claude Monet

Monet is the representative of the impressionist and one of the founders, His paintings are popular among the art lovers all over the world. Giverny in Springtime, Afternoon Effect, 60.4 x 81.4 cm was painted in the spring of 1885, two years after Monet moved to Giverny, a beautiful town that inspired him. This painting shows the afternoon sun lighting up the exterior of the Church and the House. The combination of yellow, green and blue colors and the juxtaposition of colors of the same lightness make the work extremely harmonious and have a very good visual sense so that people can fully feel the charm of nature in spring.

2. Peach Trees in Blossom — Vincent Van Gogh

“Peach Trees in Blossom” is an 1888 oil painting by Vincent Van Gogh, in memory of his late cousin, his teacher Antone Maufe. The grief of Bereavement has turned into such a dazzling and gorgeous picture, and the most genuine grief is deeply hidden in their own hearts. The two peach blossoms in full bloom in the center of the painting are very bright by the powerful strokes. In the painting, you can feel the breath of spring and the shock of nature.

3. The Allegory of Spring — Botticelli

This work is based on a poem by the poet Policiano: In the middle is a Venus, and the three graces on the left (Agresti, Selena, Eurymerosthenes) are vividly depicted; at the edge of the forest, the three goddesses were dancing hand in hand in the sunshine. They will bring joy to the world of life. On the right side of the painting are three images of the goddess of flowers, Spring and the Wind (from left to right), symbolizing the coming of the natural season of spring returning to the earth and all trees competing for glory. This painting can be called “The Encyclopedia of flowers”, there are hundreds of types of flowers. Botticelli in the “spring” series painted more than 170 varieties, a total of more than 500 flowers, and each one, after the hands of the master carefully carved, is so delicate and perfect.

4. Blind Girl — John Everett Millais

“Blind Girl” depicts two dependent children, one of whom is a blind girl, and the other, a younger girl, clinging to the blind girl’s arms, looking up at the rainbow in the sky while explaining the beauty of nature to the blind girl. In the painting, the sky is filled with clouds, the fields are golden, the air is moist, in the distant view of the path, there are a few walking cattle and sheep, near the rise and fall of birds. The blind girl could only listen to her friend. She could not even feel the butterfly resting on her shawl, but she seemed to smell the fresh air and hear the sounds of life in the field. English painter and one of the earliest members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The blind girl is now in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

5. Dans la Prairie — Claude Monet

As the greatest impressionist painter in the world, almost all of his portraits are of his wife, Camille. In this painting, Camille is holding a parasol, lying leisurely on the grass full of flowers, holding a book in her hand. Monet likes to capture and express her beautiful face and body, as well as the beautiful glow about her.

6. Fishing in the Spring — Vincent Van Gogh

“Fishing in the spring” was created in Paris in the spring of 1887 and is now in the art center of Chicago. Spring was now a stillness in Vincent Van Gogh’s restless artistic mind. The Seine is part of Paris’centre for business, tourism, and entertainment, and Vincent Van Gogh tries to capture the natural smells of city life in his paintings. During this period, Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings moved from deep dark hues and serious themes to brighter, more cheerful ones.

Fishing in the spring - vincent van gogh

7. Spring – Edouard Manet

The model for “spring” is actress Jenny, and in this beautiful painting, Manet portrays Jenny as charming Spring. It is full of Feminine Beauty, freedom.

8. Riverbank in Springtime — Vincent Van Gogh

“Riverbank in Springtime ” is one of the “The Seine series” works of in Vincent Van Gogh. He tried to capture the nature of city life and present it in his paintings. During this period, his paintings moved from deep dark hues and serious themes to brighter, more cheerful ones. Under the spring, the shore of the branches and leaves sway whirling, with fresh colors, and free strokes, reflecting the artist this time’s relaxed and happy mood.

9. The River Seine at La Grande – Jatte

Georges Seurat, 1859 — 1891, French painter. He combined the classical structure of the renaissance tradition with the color experiments of the impressionism. It combines the latest concepts of drawing space, the traditional illusion of perspective space, and the latest scientific discoveries in the perception of color and light. Seurat’s paintings, at first glance, give people a hazy feeling, under a close look is actually composed of countless small color combinations.

10. The Vegetable Garden with Trees in Blossom, Spring, Pontoise — Camille Pissarro

This painting is Pissarro’s impressionism masterpiece, created in the late 1970s. He uses small strokes point painting modeling, Color Configuration Transition is very subtle, rich, calm and solid, which is familiar with the Pissarro painting method. This painting gives people a relaxed, cheerful, full of vitality, the painter like a singer, with cheerful strokes in praise of the attractive scenery of spring.

11. Hope — Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

“Hope” is a canvas oil painting of a young girl in white holding flowers and wild grass. She symbolized the tenacity of life and the beauty of the future.

12. Alenushka — Viktor Vasnetsov

This painting was created based on the Russian folk story. It is said that Alenushka was a simple, kind and beautiful girl. She lost her parents and became an orphan. Her childhood was full of human injustice and sorrow, and later because of the witch’s trick, she lost her younger brother and left his lover. The artist placed Alenushka on a stone pond in the depths of the spring forest, where she sat crouched, knee-deep in thought, her eyes filled with sadness and resignation. The misfortune of Alyonushka and the natural scenery around it make for a pathos of poetry. Her Crouching Posture and the skyward trees set off each other, it brings particularly real feeling and infinite reverie.

Which paintings are your favorite? And who is your most appreciated artist? You are welcome to leave your message or share your favorite famous spring paintings. You also can directly send pictures for custom old master reproductions.

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