What A Brilliant Oil Artwork Brings to You


The warm sunshine shining in the yard, wind blowing, green color and fresh air around you, watching the children running and playing, accompanied by the crisp laughter.  Yes, you are starting a totally different country life, away from the busy work life, no need to answer boring phone call, no need to do mountains [...]

What A Brilliant Oil Artwork Brings to You2021-11-01T19:38:59+08:00

Weekly Painting – Red Coral


Oil Painting of this week is one of original canvas artwork from our skilled artist - Red Coral It is shown as a piece of modern abstract painting with thick oil paint which can be easily touched. The artist used bright color like blue, red and the mixture of other colors exaggeratedly. Just like the [...]

Weekly Painting – Red Coral2017-07-17T19:30:18+08:00

Weekly Painting – Panda


I am rather like a bear, but I am not a bear; I am called cat, but I am not a cat; I come from China; I have black and white body; I eat bamboo all day; I often lay in the grass and think about the meaning of life.... I am 熊猫, also called panda bear, giant bear. I am the lead [...]

Weekly Painting – Panda2019-07-15T11:53:03+08:00
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