3 Unknown Tips for A Perfect Oil Painting Gallery Wall


I've bought a lot of oil paintings, and they've been cluttering up my home, hanging on the walls, or in storage, always thinking about how I can make my home look beautiful and classy. I'm always wanna buy and buy, but I don't know how to match those great oil paintings. Oh [...]

3 Unknown Tips for A Perfect Oil Painting Gallery Wall2021-11-01T19:07:08+08:00

How to choose commission painting for each different room?


Living Room Abstract oil painting for living room - dwoilart - commission painting Here the living room is where the paintings appeared most frequently. Size choices depend on the size of your living room. If you have a large size living room, then don't hesitate to choose large size paintings; if you have a [...]

How to choose commission painting for each different room?2021-11-01T19:23:23+08:00

The Pink Dress – Frédéric Bazille


Frédéric Bazille was born in a wealthy family of Montpelier. His family gave financial support to some of the early impressionist artists in France. Bazille entered Gleyre’s art studio in 1862, and he always has gone with them to paint directly in the open air. There were some famous masterpiece painting created. “ The Pink Dress [...]

The Pink Dress – Frédéric Bazille2019-10-05T13:44:03+08:00

Throw away your old gift ideas, this is what you need!


Alas, really difficult to make a choice to choose perfect gifts!   Maggie's birthday is coming again, what gift should I prepare for her?Also Janet's birthday, and our anniversary. Oh, My god, Smith's just moved to new house and Jordan had new baby born.... Too many gifts to prepare, How much time do I [...]

Throw away your old gift ideas, this is what you need!2021-10-26T00:02:56+08:00

What A Brilliant Oil Artwork Brings to You


The warm sunshine shining in the yard, wind blowing, green color and fresh air around you, watching the children running and playing, accompanied by the crisp laughter.  Yes, you are starting a totally different country life, away from the busy work life, no need to answer boring phone call, no need to do mountains [...]

What A Brilliant Oil Artwork Brings to You2021-11-01T19:38:59+08:00

Girl with a pearl earring – Photo to hand paintings


This famous oil canvas painting masterpiece" Girl with a pearl earring " was made into a famous and quiet movie. In the movie,  Scarlett Johanson play the role of the girl wears a pear earring. Our talented artist painted this Scarlett version portrait from photo to handmade canvas oil painting.     If [...]

Girl with a pearl earring – Photo to hand paintings2021-11-01T19:40:44+08:00

Weekly Painting – Red Coral


Oil Painting of this week is one of original canvas artwork from our skilled artist - Red Coral It is shown as a piece of modern abstract painting with thick oil paint which can be easily touched. The artist used bright color like blue, red and the mixture of other colors exaggeratedly. Just like the [...]

Weekly Painting – Red Coral2017-07-17T19:30:18+08:00

Weekly Painting – Panda


I am rather like a bear, but I am not a bear; I am called cat, but I am not a cat; I come from China; I have black and white body; I eat bamboo all day; I often lay in the grass and think about the meaning of life.... I am 熊猫, also called panda bear, giant bear. I am the lead [...]

Weekly Painting – Panda2019-07-15T11:53:03+08:00

The 10 Most Romantic Things


What is “Romance” ? That is -- share your feeling whatever is happy or angry, sad or joyous ! That is -- such honeyed and sweet words just before roses, the moon in a lovely place ! That is -- become older together with you. That is – accompany you around the world. Anyway, [...]

The 10 Most Romantic Things2021-11-01T19:46:01+08:00

4 Unique birthday gift ideas for woman


Woman, a female, a lady, always says like this: " It is difficult to choose a gift for woman!" In fact, it is easy to choose a gift for woman. They can be very easy to be pleased. Here we have some unique recommendation. 1. DIY photo book - Unforgettable and any special occasion between you [...]

4 Unique birthday gift ideas for woman2021-11-01T21:28:00+08:00
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