I’ve bought a lot of oil paintings, and they’ve been cluttering up my home, hanging on the walls, or in storage, always thinking about how I can make my home look beautiful and classy.

I’m always wanna buy and buy, but I don’t know how to match those great oil paintings.

Oh my God, can someone help me?

What, you let me try to make a perfect oil painting gallery wall? Huh, what should I do? You said you have 3 unknown tips, well, say it, and let me try.

  1. Use mini oil paintings, like mini face portrait paintings of your family. That decorates and beautifies your wall, and because everyone’s smiling face makes the whole space more warm and happy.
  2. Try to use a similar color scheme for paintings on the wall with your furniture and all related room decoration.
  3. Less is more! — For an oil painting gallery wall design, we don’t need to pile up all the artworks on the whole wall. Less is more, just like our life, we need to leave empty space. If you put too much pressure on yourself to push yourself too hard, you will have an uncomfortable feeling instead. It is the same with doing perfect oil painting gallery walls. Too many simple piles of optimization will make you feel depressed and unnaturally wrinkle your brow. And a small amount of carefully selected oil paintings can brighten up your eyes and become the finishing touch to your whole room.

All tips are easy to have a try. Did you get it? Go and make it.

You are welcome to leave your message for any questions.